What are the positions in futsal when playing on the field called?

What are the positions in futsal when playing on the field and what are they called? Is indoor soccer with playing positions on the field similar to 11-a-side soccer? The above question is a concern of many football fans and wants to be answered. The content of this article 123JILI will help you learn information related to the position of futsal football.

What are the positions in the futsal set? 

What are the positions in the futsal set? 

Futsal is an indoor soccer sport that is currently experiencing strong development in the world. This sport has a kicking and playing style similar to traditional football. But we learn about the positions in futsal because it has differences compared to regular football.

Futsal or indoor soccer only has players officially playing on the field. Outside the field includes the coaching staff and 7 reserves. This is different from 11-a-side football so the positions on the field are also different.

That’s why in this article we will learn about positions in futsal football. At that time, you will understand more about the playing positions of this subject and then compare it with the outdoor soccer that you often follow.

Positions in futsal – Indoor Soccer

Positions in futsal – Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer, as shared above, only has 5 players who change flexibly based on the tactics the team deploys. The players on the field will change their roles and operating positions, below are the names of the positions.

Goalkeeper position of positions in futsal

The goalkeeper in 11-man or 5-man soccer has the role of defending the goal, with the task of preventing the opponent from scoring. This position is not too different from 11-a-side football.

The defender position in futsal is called Fixo

The defender position in futsal football is also known as Fixo, which are players who stand directly above the goalkeeper. This person will move around the field to participate in defense, attack, and score goals and that is the difference from field 11 football. Because the player on field 11 playing the defender position only participates in defense. main, rarely play attack.

As a futsal defender – Fixo still has the main task of preventing the opposing team’s players from attacking and assisting the goalkeeper in protecting his net. In addition, deploying the ball, attacking, etc. Therefore, this is also an indispensable position in indoor soccer.

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Currently, the defender position in futsal is also defined as the loose position when playing a 1-defender formation. If the formation has 2 defenders, both play equally in front of the goalkeeper. Very few coaches arrange 3 defenders and there are no cases where there are 4 defenders on the field because there are only 5 players on the field including the goalkeeper.

Positions in futsal – midfielder (Ala)

The midfielder in futsal is called Ala, who plays directly above the defenders and just below the strikers. Depending on the tactics given by the coaches, there will be different types of midfielders.

But Ala’s basic task in futsal is still to retrieve and distribute the ball to the home team’s players. Midfielders will have to be present at all hot spots on the field, participate in disputes, assist in getting the ball, and defend. In addition, you must regulate the match, assist teammates, or score goals yourself.

The midfielder position therefore requires players to possess a good physical foundation, personal technique, and the ability to observe to make passes. Of course, techniques such as passing people and long passes will be essential for midfielders.

The player in the futsal striker position is Pivo

The player in the futsal striker position is Pivo

Positions in futsal would be indispensable for a striker and that person is called Pivo. Pivo players will play highest in the squad, the main task is to receive the ball from teammates and score goals against the opponent. Depending on the match, strategy, and arrangement of the coach, there will be different types of strikers – Pivo placed on the field.

Pivo is a position that often faces opponents’ Fixo. But because the futsal field is very small, this player must also support the defense and the midfielders to get the ball.


The positions in futsal are clearly defined and have different names on the field. After reading the article, we hope you have a better understanding of futsal and the positions in the futsal field. We will share the next interesting information about how many rounds the FA Cup has in the following articles.

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