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What is UEFA is still discussed by many football lovers every time it is mentioned in matches. Although it is a football federation, not many people who follow football are interested in this organization. So, if you are a football lover and want to better understand how to organize and operate a tournament, 123JILI will reveal it to you through the article below.

Briefly introduce what UEFA is

Briefly introduce what UEFA is

The European Football Confederation is the governing body for football, futsal, and beach soccer in Europe. UEFA is one of six continental federations belonging to the global football management organization FIFA. With 55 member national federations, UEFA plays an important role in organizing and developing football in this continent.

Henri Delaunay was the first person to hold the position of Secretary General of, while Ebbe Schwartz was the first president. Currently, the president of UEFA is Aleksander Čeferin, who was previously the president of the Slovenian Football Association. He was elected the seventh president of UEFA at the 12th Special UEFA Congress in Athens in September 2016 and also became vice president of FIFA.

Tournaments organized by UEFA

Tournaments organized by UEFA

Because it is the organization that manages football tournaments, the registration and decision on which tournament to organize will be decided by UEFA. Currently, the tournaments organized by the unit are divided into 3 different levels, so football followers can watch football matches all year round.

What is the UEFA national team tournament?

UEFA is the organization that manages European football and organizes many of the top tournaments in the world. The two main tournaments for men’s national teams are the European Football Championship (Euro) and the Nations League. The Euro has hosted the finals since 1960, while the UEFA Nations League was born in 2018 to replace friendly matches on the FIFA calendar.

For futsal, organizes the European Futsal Championship and the European U-21 Futsal Championship. While does not organize beach soccer tournaments, they do have a dedicated beach soccer department, and beach soccer tournaments for national teams and member clubs are organized by Beach Soccer Worldwide.

Tournaments are played in the form of clubs

UEFA’s top tournament is the Champions League, which started in the 1992-1993 season. This tournament brings together 1 to 4 teams from each country (the number of teams depends on the ranking of that country). The Champions League is a restructured version of its predecessor, known as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, European Cup, or European Cup, held from 1955 to 1992.

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Several other tournaments are organized by UEFA

Several other tournaments are organized by UEFA

In addition to tournaments held on grass fields, tournament organizer UEFA also organizes beach soccer tournaments. With a smaller scale and fewer players participating, the tournament still attracts a large number of participants.

Before 2006, the tournament cycle would be once a year so that players could participate in competitions, as well as fans could follow football all year round. However, in recent years, the tournament has been held every 2 years due to many side tournaments, so the players need time to rest.


Recently, the article has helped readers better understand what the UEFA organization is and the tournaments that this unit organizes. It can be seen that UEFA is the birthplace of famous tournaments in the world, with a large number of participants, so don’t hesitate to watch the matches organized by this unit.

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