How to play dominoes for beginners

Playing Domino games with friends for a clever game plan to maximize outcomes. Learning to play dominoes always wins is not difficult and can be accomplished with basic technique. Come explore the thorough strategy below with Milyon88.

Domino’s what?

Popular card games worldwide, domino uses rectangular tiles split in two by a cross line. Every brick exists with 0 to 6 point value. Though there are several variations, the game’s fundamental ideas stay same.

How to play dominoes Always Wins

How to play dominoes Always Wins

The rules of how to play Domino always wins at the casino are very simple, the game can be done with 2 to 4 participants, each of whom is played 7 armies. The game begins when the first player hits an outgoing chess army, then each next player will place a Domino army so that its two ends match the ends of the previously placed domino chain. This process continues until one player runs out, and he wins

The player’s goal is to beat all his Domino troops and get the lowest score. The game is played through five basic steps: Distribution of Domino → Fighting First → Beat Next → End of cards → Scores.

Army Flag Distribution

Before we start, the Domino’s are set down. Each player then randomly takes seven Dominos and keeps them secret, not to the opponent. If the number of players is less than 4, the remaining number of Domino’s will be kept separately and used when there is no player with a suitable Domino in hand.

The first move

The player holding the highest value of the Domino (e.g. 6-6, 5-5, 4-4,…) will start the game. In the next balls, the winner of the previous ball will be prioritized. The first Domino will be placed in the center of the play table.

Next move

During the game, each player performs his or her own chess in the direction of the clock. The next one will be the one sitting on the right of the first one. They’ll put a Domino on the table so that one of its heads matches one of the Domino’s heads placed before. For example, if the first person hits a 6-6, the second person will continue by placing a Domino with a head that matches a head of the Domino in the center of the table, such as a 6-2.

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Players will be constantly changing their movements in the direction of the clock and following the rules set out above. In case a player does not have a matching Domino army:

In a Domino game with four players, without a surplus of Domino’s, the man loses his turn and gives the turn to the next.

In a table with fewer than four players at a casino, this person will take a Domino out of the remaining number. If this Domino can use it, the player can hit it right away. Otherwise, this person will be counted as a loser and the game will pass to the next one.

In Domino, the way you calculate your score is as follows:

  • Each point on the Domino count corresponds to one point.
  • Special Domino 0-0 counted 13 points.
  • The winner is the first to beat all the Domino’s.

Playing tactics

To be a good domino player, it’s important to practice and understand the rules. However, finding and applying strategies is an integral part.

Early Double

The double cells in the domino usually don’t drive the game because they keep the same value as the cells they connect. For example, if you put a double 5 domino onto a 5 cell, you still need another 5 domino to connect. However, the pairing could be a big hit. So let’s disable them soon so they don’t leave a score to their competitors when they win.

Use Double-Man Strategy

Although this is the opposite strategy to one of the basic plans in the Domino flag, if you are willing to take a little risk, this can be useful if you keep the double Domino troops for later use. When you have enough experience and awareness to identify your opponent’s weaknesses, you can know which Dominos they lack. In case you have these Dominos, you can use them to prevent your opponents from hitting any Dominos. This is especially effective when the game is coming to an end.

Play Higher Scores

Similar to using early Domino pairs, you should also play higher scores as soon as you get a chance. Higher-point cells usually have a larger number of dots. So if you hit the Domino in these boxes, your opponent will get more points if they win.

You don’t have to try to disable all the high-value Domino troops. Consider the right time to do this. Especially when the game is approaching the end and you can’t defend your win. Don’t let your competitors win more bonus points from the big dominoes.

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