What is Libero? Information you need to know about the Libero

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What is Libero?

What is Libero?

The Libero position does not require athletes to be tall. It requires quick reflexes and good ball-blocking skills, always ready to roll to save the ball for the team. Libero mustn’t participate in the team’s attacks.

Information about the Libero position in volleyball

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Volleyball Libero position according to rules

In volleyball rules, the regulations regarding the position are as follows:

In total, 12 athletes include 6 officials and 6 reserves. Each team is only allowed to register one in the competition squad. Before each match, the team coach needs to register with the referee and tournament organizers.

Libero is not allowed to serve as team captain.

What are the roles and duties of Libero?

  • Each athlete will take on the position of with the following tasks and roles:
  • The is responsible for making blocks in situations such as serving or an opponent’s attack. Along with that is adjusting the ball direction to create favorable conditions for counter-attacking passes.
  • Players need to be able to quickly and accurately judge the direction of their opponent’s ball. At the same time, support teammates in defense when facing the opponent’s attack, to help the team not lose points.
  • Libero plays an important role in making tactical substitutions. Especially when it is necessary to increase defense and need someone to effectively catch the opponent’s steps; as well as create an opportunity for the offensive lineman to rest.

How to replace a Libero athlete

How to replace a Libero athlete
  • According to the rules of volleyball, the replacement is as follows:
  • Can replace any athlete on the team, as long as it is in the back row and does not need to notify the referee. When playing, Libero is not limited to the number of times he can enter or exit the field, but between changes, he must finish the ball.
  • Athletes are only allowed to be replaced by the same back-row athlete that was previously replaced.
  • In the case of replacing a player after the whistle blows the ball and before the ball touches the ball, there will be no penalty. But the referee will warn you when the ball ends.
  • In case a player is replaced on the field but is late, the referee will also be penalized for delay.
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Regulations on selecting people to take on the Libero position

Regulations on selecting people to take on the Libero position
  • The position can only register one athlete per team. Therefore, if a Libero player is injured, the team and coach have the right to choose a new player to replace him, if the referee allows. This new athlete must also be one of the members registered to compete but not on the field at that time.
  • When replacing a new on the field, the coach must register the new shirt number in the minute’s registration and position slip for the next round.
  • If the original is injured and replaced with a new Libero. The original athlete will not be allowed to return to play in that match.
  • The new replacement athlete will also have to comply with the regulations applicable to the position throughout the match.


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