White Card in Soccer – A Meaningful Card on the Field

The concept of a White Card in Soccer has recently become popular in the world of king sport. What is a white card, the origin and profound meaning of this card will be provided by 123JILI to interested readers through the detailed analysis below.

What is a white card?

What is a white card?

Football fans certainly understand what a red card is and what a yellow card is, but the concept of a white card is still unfamiliar because it has not yet been recognized and included in the official rules of the FIFA Football Federation. It can be said that currently the white card is a concept and topic at the discussion level but does not yet have an official concept.

For those who are interested in what a white card is, this is a type of card in football, recently applied by the Portuguese Football Federation in a women’s football match in the domestic tournament. The interesting thing is that this penalty card is not intended as a warning for players’ illegal actions on the field, but rather as a tribute to good actions in sports.

Origin of white card in football

Origin of white card in football

The white card used in football has a quite interesting origin, the surprise from proposing the idea to the implementation of this card has a completely different meaning. We invite you to register to explore right here:

The white card proposal came from Michel Platini

Few people know that the white card color is a type of card proposed by former UEFA president Michel Platini, who proposed introducing white cards to apply white cards in matches with the penalty of warning players for the wrong level. Certain violations (not serious enough to warrant a red card and not so light as a yellow card)

Platini proposed that when the referee issues a “white card”, the penalized player must pause the match for 10 minutes and must stay in a separate area. This helps combat offensive behavior that aggressively resists and reacts to the referee when a player receives a yellow card. However, this proposal has not been implemented and FIFA is currently considering Platini’s proposal with an orange card.

White card initiative with special events

The special event took place at the Portuguese women’s football tournament in the match between the Benfica women’s team and Sporting Lisbon. The event on the bench where a member of the two teams encountered a problem and the timely appearance of the medical teams of both sides to resolve the situation.

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Immediately, the on-field referee pulled out a white card and pointed it towards the training bench of the two teams. This is a card honoring the referee with humane actions from the coaching staff of the two teams.

Currently, the white card initiative is only being applied by the Portuguese football federation but has not been recognized internationally and has not been officially applied in FIFA-level professional tournaments.

Discussion: should white cards be applied?

Discussion: should white cards be applied?

Currently, white cards in football are a topic in the discussion section of the football community. This issue mostly receives great support from European football fans and the online community.

Improve sports ethics

The white card with the initiative of the Portuguese Football Federation has a good meaning in raising the moral level in sports. The honoring of beautiful actions and humane gestures in football deserves attention and is spread throughout football teams and fans.

Applying white cards helps players and coaching staff pay attention to good behavior in sports, reducing bad actions and rough fouls. Besides, noble and good sportsmanship helps unite global football.

The deep meaning is supported by fans

As soon as the white card was deployed and became a vibrant event in cyberspace, fans responded extremely well because of the good meaning this card brings. The general opinion is to support the match with the appearance of this good card.

With the profound meaning of the white card to help honor good actions in football, elevate behavior, and spread good values, fans of the king sport are very interested and are calling for ideas. FIFA Football Federation implemented the application. However, for this card to be circulated and become more popular, we may need a little more time.


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